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The ekos Learning Process 

We can help save you time and resources by using our evidence-based project lifecycle

The lack of a standardized process dramatically increases the time and number of resources required to convert a traditional classroom-based course into online learning.
The ekos Learning Project Lifecycle works. How do we know? Because we use it for ourselves and for every partner we work with. It starts with strategy and then rolls into a standardized process of development and quality checks that’s focused on implementing all of those great ideas and strategic plans we work with you to build into your eLearning courses and projects. That's how we make serious results happen.

Course Creation Project Lifecycle

From start to finish, we help create extraordinary eLearning experiences to help shape the way online training is utilized by our partners and their learners. 

Working on a Computer
Working at Open Space

5-Stage Process

We've been building online courses for more than 10 years now - and in that time we’ve learned a few key lessons on how to make new course development successful.
Below is a quick overview of the process we use when working with our partners -- to ensure they are delivered an amazing course that is functional, beautiful, and focused on their organizational goals.

Stage 1: Research & Planning

We begin by making sure we have a clear understanding of the overall project goals as well as the key project success factors

Stage 2: Content Development

Next we ask you to send us all of the content you have available for us to use in your course.

Stage 3: Course Design

Based on the research and the content, we then start to work on the design of your new course.

Stage 4: Course Build

Next, we bring the approved content and designs to life

Stage 5: Deployment and Launch

Once the course build is finished, we then test to make sure it all works as it should.

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