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Pricing and Cost

Factors that Impact Cost

Employee training and custom course development can be a complex process. There are several key elements that determine how much the final course or learning solution will cost. Here are the main variables:

1. Length of Course 

A general rule of thumb is to plan for 1 minute of seat time per content screen or slide. However, this can increase or decrease based on the content and interactivity on each slide. A 30-slide deck will not always translate to a 30-minute course.

2. Interactivity

The more interactive and immersive the course, the more engaged your learners will be. We work closely with you to scale interactivity up or down and find areas to maximize your spend so you can fit custom eLearning course development into your budget.

3. Content Readiness

Your content readiness refers to how much content you have gathered and ready for development. For example, you might have a complete storyboard, content, and images ready to go. No matter where you’re at in the course development process, we can help you.

4. Timeline

Whatever your timeline, we’ll work closely with your team to ensure your eLearning courses are completed on time. We assign a dedicated project manager (PM) for every project to make sure progress flows smoothly and on time.

Testing & Required Functionality
  • For creating a mobile course, how many devices do you need it tested on?

  • Do you need this course to look and function exactly the same in multiple browsers?

  • Does your course need to be Section 508 compliant?

Extra Media or Languages

Do you need custom graphics or illustrations to enhance your course?​

  • Do you want live video or VoiceOver services?

  • Does your employee training course need to be translated into multiple languages?

We work with your needs and budget

Schedule a free consultation to talk with one of our course development experts about your staff development & training needs and budget.

Become a Platinum Partner

Looking to reduce your learning and development (L&D) costs? 

We offer an annual membership to organizations looking for an economical approach to the development of multiple custom courses per year.  Here are just some of the many benefits:

  • 12 Custom 1-Hour Courses

  • Dedicated Instructional Designer and Project Support Team

  • Multiple Revisions

  • Custom Templates

  • Discounts on custom animation and videos

$7,499 / monthly plan
Accessible Home Office
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