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Why ekos Learning?

Reasons You'll Love Us

Let's start at the beginning.

I started ekos Learning to help change the perception of online learning and design a better learner experience. I wanted to create a company that did a few things really well and be inspired and surrounded by a team of passionate experts. Today, I'm proud to lead one of the best teams in the business. 
Most importantly, we decided at the outset to not use the word “clients.” Instead, we use the term “partners” for every organization with which we work. Why? Because the promise of online learning must be a collaborative endeavor which includes planning, organization, project management, proper instructional design, and quality improvement to be effective. 

When you're considering investing your resources in a team like ours, take the time to make a thoughtful evaluation. Ask yourself, “If ekos Learning checks all of the boxes below, could we do anything other than win?”

Dave Marshall

Founder & CEO

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We check all of the boxes

A Strategy-First Approach

Without a strategy, we're not being true to you as our partner. We're just blindly swinging with tactics hoping they connect to some results. Our approach is the same with every partner and it's the only way to roll. Let's do the hard work upfront and start with strategy.

Experience & Results

Experience matters! Especially when you're trying to grow levels of recruitment, retention, sales, and/or revenue. While some of the principles behind what we do might seem simple to understand and implement at the tactical level, the real difference is in the strategic experience and results.

Team & Capabilities

We have an amazing team of dedicated, full-time experts on staff. From project managers to videographers, to instructional designers, we have the resources needed to scale quickly and deliver your project on-time. 

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Our Pledge: We will always be honest and fair

Working with a team to implement your organization’s online learning vision requires trust and honesty. Our pledge to every partner, vendor, and team member is the same: We will always be honest and fair.
No BS. No hype. No jargon. Most of our partners have been with us for 3+ years. That kind of retention speaks for itself. Check out our reviews and let us know if you want to be connected to a partner for a reference.

What does this mean for you?

Finding the right course development and eLearning partner is important. There are a lot of options out there. They all say similar things. We want you to understand how we stand out in a crowded space.
No other company can say they offer all of these differentiators.
If you value working with experts who execute a proven process and map a sustainable online learning strategy that generates results, then you'll love working with us! In the end, we will always be honest and fair, so you really have nothing to risk or lose. 

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