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Quality Assurance

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Our quality assurance specialists have a keen eye for detail. Each project goes through a comprehensive testing and review process to ensure your online courses work exactly the way you need.

Below are some helpful tips for how quality assurance principles can be used in the creation on online courses and programs.


Quality assurance (QA) is a process of evaluating the quality of a product or service to ensure that it meets or exceeds stakeholders’ expectations. It involves the systematic review of educational content in order to maintain and improve the quality, equity and efficiency being delivered to the learner.

In the context of online course development, QA can involve a range of activities and reviews, including:

  • Content Review Checking the accuracy, relevance, and completeness of the course material

  • User Experience (UX) Review Evaluating the ease of navigation, usability, and overall user experience of the course platform

  • Technology Review Testing the compatibility and functionality of the course platform on different devices and browsers

  • Accessibility Review Checking that the course is accessible to individuals with disabilities

  • Feedback and Review from Pilot Users Gathering feedback from a small group of users to identify any issues or areas for improvement

  • Ongoing Monitoring and Improvement Regularly monitoring and assessing the course to ensure its ongoing quality and relevance.

Implementing a robust QA process in online learning course development can help ensure that the end product is of high quality and meets the needs of its intended audience.

To be effective, quality assurance should be an ongoing process and component of your e-learning strategy. It is useful in the planning, creation, launch, and ongoing maintenance of your online courses and programs.

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